creating and facilitating innovative, intentional experiences.

Entrepreneur/Actor/Writer/Experience Strategist/Facilitator/Consultant

My favorite word is “impossible.” When I hear impossible, a little flame ignites inside of me, and I’m on a mission. The more impossible, the bigger the project, the more impact it could have, the better. Because it is my firm belief and nature and daily yearning to make the impossible possible (and I’m not saying that because I have some fairy godmother with a wand helping me out).

I’m an explorer, a creator and a facilitator of impossible ideas. I am passionate about reimagining our collective and individual stories in order to debate and intentionally create a healthier, kinder, more sustainable future.

From theater, to writing, to entrepreneurship, to change consulting, to technology, to film, to marketing, I have lived and explored many professional lives and disciplines around the world. I thrive working at the crossroads of domains and knowledge, innovating creative solutions, connecting the dots, and diving into the wild potential of human evolution.

Whether creating as an artist myself, or helping other creators to connect deeper to their imagination and problem solve the impossible, the core of my work remains the same…

Change the story, change the future. Anything is possible.

With love,