web series | BETA


Angelina “Lini” is-- was-- Delta’s assistant. But now they’re… TBD. After Delta finds out her soul-sucking corporate consulting job is officially a dead end, Lini convinces her to pursue her daydream of becoming an “entrepreneur.” What begins as a strange work dynamic between an odd couple eventually grows into two women recognizing the best (and the worst) in each other, and deciding that they’re stronger as a team, in both life and business.

From the grind of startup culture, to gender dynamics in business, to a deep look at the complexities of millennial female identity and women’s relationships, BETA dives in with heart, authenticity, and a sassy sense of humor. Narrated by an older and established Lini five years in the future, the full series arc of BETA reveals the journey of Lini’s life-changing friendship with a woman named Delta, and the trials and tribulations of going from young housewife in Chicago’s North Shore to tech industry elite.

M | Rising Creativ joined forces with Peanut Productions and Essdee Productions to bring to life BETA. The series will premiere in Spring of 2019. Learn more and follow on social below.

Podcast | The art of changing our future


Reimagine the future with storyteller and entrepreneur Carley Marcelle Madi as she explores the intangible with thought leaders and change-makers across the globe. Together we’ll venture throughout the vast intersections of industries and perspectives to paint a clearer picture of where we are, where we’re heading and what actions we can take today if we want to change tomorrow.

The futures are all here. In your hands right now… Which future do you want to empower?

Release Date: February 15th on all major podcast platforms





Carley Marcelle Madi and Adriana Leonard in Batbrains directed by Maeli Goren.

Carley Marcelle Madi and Adriana Leonard in Batbrains directed by Maeli Goren.

Isabella Alonso and Sarah Brooks in Fine Line directed by Carley Marcelle Madi.

Isabella Alonso and Sarah Brooks in Fine Line directed by Carley Marcelle Madi.

HERSTORY: An 80’s Flashback was a fun, intimate evening of one act plays written, directed and performed by women reflecting on women’s stories in the 80’s. Produced by M | Rising Creativ and Peanut Productions at the Greenhouse Theater Center in Chicago.

By Barbara Daniel
Directed by Maeli Goren
Performed by Adriana Leonard & Carley Marcelle Madi

Jane Batts is an up-and-coming fashion designer who lives in a loft with her husband, a successful artist. Jane has a an opportunity to break out on her own with a series of bat shaped dress designs. However, she first must contend with her old college roommate, Pam, a self-proclaimed psychic who has arrived in New York to teach "telepathic lovemaking." A short comedy about two very different women, seeking success in the big city.

Fine Line
By Janice Van Horne
Directed by Carley Marcelle Madi

Performed by Sarah Brooks and Isabella Alonso

Two classy ladies make the fur fly (literally) behind the scenes of a Park Avenue party. Dody and Zee-- inseparable since they first confronted each other across a sandbox-- strain the limits of best friendship. Wit/cruelty victim/killer, friendship/betrayal, rage/giggles are some of the fine lines challenged as these contemporary women take a shattering peek at the wasteful fabric of their lives.



Directed by Ashley Hillis // Written by Carley Marcelle Madi // Produced by Andrew Van Wyk, Ashley Hillis & Carley Marcelle Madi

*Official Selection for the BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016

Official full video release in winter 2019.

Max and May meet each other for the first time tonight at an elaborate party, and have an immediate spark.  They barricade themselves in a room and start a strange, existential debate. May finds a camcorder and decides that this moment must be recorded.  The film captures a brief but intense moment where two people who should have the world at their fingertips finally share their grief, shame, and struggle with their very being. Ultimately, HERE is a modern story of intimacy: what it is, and why it matters.