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As a more intimate person in a world overrun by exploitative shouting, I was a reluctant "marketer." But with a long history in storytelling, a deep interest in the human psyche and a passion for growing more intentional businesses, I consistently find myself in the realm sales, marketing and further, brand experience and engagement. From agencies to in-house to DIY, I can put together a digital strategy, package services, or design an on boarding experience, but the real goal is to help entrepreneurs to focus on what matters: connecting more deeply to their own creativity and engaging in impactful conversations about their mission with all audiences to drive sales and realize value.

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Strategic Services

  • Sales + Marketing Alignment

  • Sales + Marketing Strategy

  • Key Messaging + Website Development

  • Brand Experience + Engagement Consulting

  • Customer Experience Mapping

  • Content Strategy + Production Planning

  • Entertainment + Content Partnership Consulting

  • Content Production + Resources Management Consulting

ongoing Marketing services + solutions

  • Social Media Community Growth + Engagement for Thought Leaders: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Social Media Paid Ad Mangement





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